Like a true New Yorker, this baby girl just couldn’t wait another minute.

But her laboring mother was still in a taxi on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Luckily, just the right NYPD officer came to help.

The cab had pulled over near the Kosciuszko Bridge and the driver was assisting the mother, police said.

When Officer Raphael Mohammed arrived, he took over from the cabbie and saw that the baby was breech — meaning it wasn’t coming out head first, which is potentially dangerous. In this case, the baby’s torso and limbs were coming out first, Mohammed said.

Luckily, Mohammed was a paramedic before he joined the NYPD. He was able to turn the baby and loosen the umbilical cord, which had wrapped around the baby’s neck.

And he did it all while calming the mother and her 2-year-old in the car.

Meanwhile, another NYPD officer escorted the ambulance — which was stuck in traffic — to the scene.

The mother and baby were brought to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center and are OK, police said.

They weren’t the only one relieved that Mohammed arrived when he did. The taxi driver was, too.

“At the end of it all, he said to me, ‘Thank god you showed up,'” Mohammed said.

No word on the baby’s name or whether the new parents gave her the initials BQE.

Source: Police Officer Delivers Baby Girl on BQE: NYPD | NBC New York
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