MORRIS TOWNSHIP — Even when first responders are on vacation it doesn’t mean they leave their training behind, as Sgt. Sean O’Hare recently proved.

According to Capt. Mark DiCarlo, O’Hare was on vacation in Florida on Sunday when he helped a family in need. In a statement on the department’s Facebook page DiCarlo said O’Hare “recognized the commotion and distress” of a child that was drowning. The child, at just 2-years-old, was turning blue and not breathing when he was pulled from the water, according to DiCarlo.

O’Hare jumped in and provided CPR, and according to DiCarlo, he was able to resuscitate the toddler.

“On behalf of the Pinellas County, Florida Emergency Services, and the Morris Township Police Department, we recognize the outstanding efforts of Sgt. O’Hare,” DiCarlo said in the statement. “Thank you for being a true “hero.”

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